Why is West Valley City redeveloping this area?

City leaders have envisioned redeveloping the area around the civic center since the city was incorporated. The redevelopment project will encourage public and private investment in the area, as well as increase jobs available. The increase in shopping, employment and housing options is expected to stimulate the economy at the heart of the city.

Are public funds being used for this project?

Fairbourne Station is made up of two redevelopment areas (RDAs): the Market Street RDA and City Center RDA. Development of RDAs is paid through the use of property tax increment, meaning the new property taxes generated by the development. The use of tax increment must be approved by a committee made up from representatives from each of the affected property taxing entities.

How has public input been incorporated into this project?

The planning commission reviewed redevelopment plans to assure conformity to the West Valley City master plan. The RDA board held public hearings to obtain comments and suggestions on proposed plans. Since the plan includes funding through a tax increment, a committee of representatives approved the budget. In late 2010, the City also conducted focus groups and an online survey to measure public opinion from residents and visitors. The City welcomes public comments through any of the outlets listed on the “Contact” page of this website.

Where does the name Fairbourne Station come from?

150 years ago, Joseph Fairbourne’s weigh station was the first stop for outlying settlers on their way to market their produce. Fairbourne’s corner became the birthplace of commerce in the area, a hub in the regional transportation network, and a crossroads for people of diverse nationalities who convened there to market, to worship and to work together to build the community that would become West Valley City. The use of the Fairbourne name honors Joseph Fairbourne and citizens past and present who have contributed to the unity, pride and progress of our city.

When will Fairbourne Station open?

Fairbourne Station is anticipated to be a long-term project and could take several years to complete. Project milestones such as new partners, building developments and so forth will be announced as they develop. UTA TRAX service opens August 2011. The public plaza and promenade and the Embassy Suites hotel are expected to open in 2012.

Who is involved with building Fairbourne Station?

Current partners of the project can be viewed on the “Partners” page of this website. Notable partners include Hines, a world-class real estate firm assisting the city in the development of office space, and Ivory Homes, Utah’s largest homebuilder.

What will happen to the residents and businesses currently located in this area?

Since Fairbourne Station is a redevelopment area, a legal process ensures that property owners and tenants receive fair prices and relocation assistance. These negotiations are context-sensitive and are typically confidential.

Will Fairbourne Station be bicycle and pedestrian friendly?

Fairbourne Station will be a walkable community and is conducive to all modes of transportation, including walking, biking, transit and vehicle traffic.

Will new stores be opening in Fairbourne Station?

Fairbourne Station is expected to increase retail and restaurant offerings that are complementary to the area and well suited to the mixed-use plans of the development. Retail announcements will be provided through this website and other appropriate media as they develop. Sign up for email notifications at www.wvc-ut.gov/citycenter.

Where do I get leasing information for retail or office space?

Contact the West Valley City Community and Economic Development Department at (801) 966-3600.

How do I learn more about the residential condos planned for Fairbourne Station?

Construction on the Residences at Fairbourne Station is underway. The first phase will include a total of 225-apartment units in one building, with three stories of apartments over the clubhouse and parking, with controlled access for residents to all entry points and elevators. Construction will be completed by October 2014.

Further announcements will be provided through this website and other appropriate media as they develop.

How can I stay updated on Fairbourne Station news and announcements?

Refer to the social media linked on this site (see the “Contact” page), or sign up for email notifications at www.wvc-ut.gov/citycenter.